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      "All right," Dodd said. "I'm here, aren't I? You've convinced mestop the propaganda."

      He raised her hand slowly to his lips.The barn was part of the farmhouse, and from one of the upper windows Ditch, furious at having his roots messed up, made pantomime to the effect that he would shoot any man who came further than the yard.

      Should you leave me too, O my faithless ladie?

      "If only you wud be a good boy lik Harry," said his mother.Reuben walked up to him, took him by the shoulders, and shook him as a dog might shake a rabbit.


      Harry's pleasure was obviously insincere, just a mask put on out of kindness to his brother. Naomi was coming over on a few days' visit, and everything else was smoke. No one, Reuben reflected, as he walked over to Flightshot to see Sir Miles's agent, no one cared a rap about Boarzell. His mother thought more of her food and of her furniture, thought more of him and Harry, while Harry thought of nothing but Naomi. He would have to wage his fight alone."By rights, I ought to be a Jigadier-Brindle," retorted Shorty, "but I never could git Abe Lincoln to take that view of it. Here, fill up your cartridgebox. You'll need lots of 'em, if you're only goin' to shoot to crease your rebels, as that feller did you."



      Reuben was silent. He sat leaning forward in his chair, holding Alice's hand. Then he abruptly rose to his feet."'To the lady who lives in the Grange by the water,